How to Choose the Best High Quality Power Systems for Your Industrial Facility

How to choose the best power systems for industrial facilities

Industrial facilities today can withstand less power disturbance than industry of the past. The new industrial facility has Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Computer Robotics, and more intricate computer driven processes such as 3D printing. Accordingly, the need for high quality power systems has become more important than ever. Below, we’ll cover how to choose the… Read More

Ferrups UPS, Don’t Call it a Comeback!

The Ferrups UPS system we all know and love is now the Eaton FX Series UPS System from Eaton UPS Power Systems. Originally designed in the 1970’s and 1980’s by Best Power Systems in Necedah, WI – still has its signature ferroresonant transformer design. A hardy transformer-based system to absorb all the harsh environments you… Read More

The 6 Best Small Industrial UPS Systems

Small industrial UPS

Popular with industrial facilities due to their unique ability to protect against both power inconsistencies and full-scale outages, a UPS system may be exactly what you need. However, whether you’re looking for your office or smaller industrial facility, choosing the best small industrial UPS system for your needs can be a challenging prospect. To help… Read More

Watts vs VA for Sizing an Industrial UPS System

The importance of our network of IT and other equipment cannot be overstated. Yet with an increasingly delicate power grid, combined with escalating power consumption of IT equipment, the stability and reliability of that network is constantly in jeopardy. Consequently, the value of UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) is on the rise for industrial applications, businesses,… Read More

UPS System Buying Guide

If you are just starting your UPS system purchase process, it can be overwhelming to sift through all the content, regulations, rules, runtimes, and everything else necessary to ensure you are making the correct purchase. To assist you, we have compiled this UPS buying guide to outline a few of the most important factors to… Read More

Batteries for UPS Systems: VRLA vs Lithium-Ion

Becoming more efficient and powerful, Uninterruptible Power Supplies have made huge strides in recent years. Unfortunately, their batteries have not followed suit. For several decades, UPS batteries have remained much the same in terms of capability. However, there are still ways you can maximize the technology available and receive the best return on investment. In… Read More

Eaton BladeUPS vs. Vertiv EXM

eaton blade ups vs vertiv exm

Today’s smaller computer rooms with fluctuating loads or growing load environments often do not need large capacity UPS systems right away. The BladeUPS system from Eaton provides this low up-front cost and flexibility. The 12kW UPS and battery modules provide a stackable solution that saves space and money. In the content below, we will compare… Read More

Eaton 5PX: Best Single-Phase UPS for Retail Point-of Sale Systems

eaton 5px best single phase ups for retail pos

The Eaton 5PX is a stand-out product for the Eaton line. 5PX systems line up and compare similarly to the APC Smart-UPS (SU model) and Vertiv (formerly Liebert) GXT models. However, they offer some increased flexibility for management of load centers, connectivity, and overall use for retail store environments. Benefits of the Eaton 5PX System… Read More