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Eaton Power xpert 9395 ups

Formerly Powerware 9395 UPS or Eaton 9395 UPS

The energy-efficient Power Xpert 9395 Backup Power System. This UPS is designed to provide backup power and scalable battery runtimes in a small footprint for large data centers, healthcare applications, and other critical systems. With the ground-breaking Energy Saver System, which can be monitored and managed on its new LCD touchscreen, the 9395 operates at 99% efficiency and can pay for itself in three to five years—without sacrificing reliability!



Features & Benefits

  • Delivers 99% UPS efficiency without sacrificing reliability using Energy Saver System.
  • Provides stronger power performance with double-conversion design and Eaton’s exclusive Easy Capacity Test.
  • Offers the highest reliability and availability with Powerware Hot Sync paralleling, superior battery management, inherent redundancy and a scalable architecture that adapts to increasing power requirements.
  • Delivers robust manageability with 10-inch color touchscreen display, superior control and connectivity and with an extensive service offering.
  • Works with the Intelligent Power Software Suite, which offers free monitoring, management and shutdown software ideal for protecting physical and virtual machines.

Runtime Solutions

In the event of an outage, two options exist to continue providing power to the UPS load: lithium-ion batteries and a flywheel system. While more expensive than lithium-ion batteries, flywheel systems offer many benefits, including:

  • limited required maintenance
  • 20-year design life
  • the ability to operate in high temperature environments
  • and 90% reduced carbon footprint when compared to batteries

Be sure to talk to our team about which solution fits your needs most appropriately.

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    Product Snapshot
    Power Rating225-1100 kVA
    Voltage480V standard; 400V available
    Product SeriesPowerware

    Technical Specs

    UPS Rating (0.91 Power Factor):

    225 / 250 / 450 / 550 / 750 / 825 / 1100
    205 / 228 / 410 / 450 / 683 / 751 / 1001

    General Characteristics:

    Efficiency>94% (99% with Energy Saver System)
    Parallel Capability4 distributed, 32 with SBM
    Maximum Modules Per SizeUp to 3 modules, 550 kVA, up to 4 modules, 825/1100 kVA
    Audible Noise<76 dBA @ 1 meter
    Altitude (Max)2000m at 40°C (104°F)
    N+1 Redundancy Capable Yes
    Field UpgradeableYes
    System Bypass ModuleIncluded

    Input Characteristics:

    Voltage480V standard; and 400V available
    Voltage Range +10% / -15%
    Frequency Range45-65 Hz
    Input Current Distortion<3.5% (no input filter required)
    Soft Start CapabilityYes
    Internal Backfeed ProtectionYes

    Output Characteristics:

    Voltage 480V standard; and 400V available
    Regulation ±1%
    InverterPWM with IGBT switching
    Voltage THD<2% (100% linear load); <5% (non-linear load)
    Load Power Factory RangeUp to a .9 power factor leading without derating


    Battery Types VRLA, AGM, Wet Cell
    Battery Voltage480 V
    Temperature CompensationOptional
    Charging MethodABM technology or Float, Selectable

    Dimensions & Weights:

    225 kVA, 250 kVA, 275 kVA 52.8”w x 34.4”d x 73.9”h 1900 lb
    225, 250, 275 kVA redundant 73.6”w x 34.4”d x 73.9”h 3150 lb
    450, 500, 550 kVA 73.6”w x 34.4”d x 73.9”h 3274 lb
    450, 500, 550 kVA redundant 102.9”w x 34.4”d x 73.9”h 4654 lb
    Field upgrade module, 225, 250, or 275 kVA 29.3”w x 34.4”d x 73.9”h 1380 lb
    650, 750, 825 kVA 140.3″w x 34.4″d x 73.9″h 5550 lb
    650, 750, 825 kVA +1 redundant 169.6″w x 34.4″d x 73.9″h 6930 lb
    1000, 1100 kVA 169.6″w x 34.4″d x 73.9″h 7050 lb

    General Characteristics:

    Control Panel (LCD)10-inch Color Touchscreen with LED panel
    Battery StartupStandard
    Frequency ConversionStandard
    Buildings Alarm Inputs5 (Galvanic Isolated)


    SafetyUL1778, cUL
    EMCIEC 62040-2, EN50091 Class A (restricted access)

    1. Due to continuous product improvements, program specifications are subject to change without notice.